[ppml] RIR's should have power to suspend Member's registration in specified circumstances

John M. Brown john at chagres.net
Sun Oct 27 12:32:00 EST 2002

and automation in this area is prone to false positives
and other errors.

having the RIR's police SPAM is a bad thing.  SPAM 
is social and commercial issue and something the RIR's
should stay out of.

As long as there are global transit providers willing
to carry the traffic for a fee, we will see spam.

john brown
speaking personally

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> On Sun, 27 Oct 2002, Shane Kerr wrote:
> > Presumably whatever action is taken against a member who 
> stops paying 
> > dues could be taken against against someone who fails to keep their 
> > contact information up-to-date or deliberately uses incorrect 
> > information.
> What do they do if you stop paying?  Reclaim your space?  Ask 
> your peers to stop accepting your route advertisements?  Deny 
> future allocations until your balance is paid current?
> IIRC, up-to-date swips are not required by ARIN.  Even an open rwhois 
> isn't required AFAIK.  The minimum requirement IIRC is rwhois data 
> available to ARIN.  Sure it'd be nice if everyone swipped 
> everything and 
> kept the data up to date, but I don't think there's anything 
> ARIN can do 
> to force that to happen.  If your swips are out of date, 
> about the best I 
> think ARIN can do is require you to clean up the mess before 
> receiving 
> your next allocation.
> > 1. If someone reports contact information is incorrect, ARIN can
> >    investigate (send an e-mail and/or make a phone call).
> > 2. If the investigation reveals that it is incorrect, ARIN can put a
> >    flag on the record in WHOIS.
> > 3. The next time the organisation contacts ARIN (for more 
> space, annual
> >    renewal, or whatever), then they have to fix the contact data.
> And everyone can pay more for their space since this is going 
> to require 
> more work on ARIN's end.
> > If we're worried about extra workload for ARIN, then we can use 
> > varying degrees of automation for step #1.
> Someone would still have to program the automation.
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