[ppml] RIR's should have power to suspend Member's registration in specified circumstances

Chris Jones chris at telespan.co.uk
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> The question is rather I think whether an organization who has been
> allocated a resource for use on the Internet has a responsibility to
> be reached in some way.  If the answer is "no", then we
> should take down
> the WHOIS servers, and save ourselves a lot of money and resources
> required to maintain that service.
Despite the resultant frustration to users trying to contact the offending
organisations, I would agree with that.

> If the answer is "yes", we do want contact information, then
> what is the
> point of having it if it is not correct?

> Perhaps we could take a more gentle approach and do something like:
> 1. If someone reports contact information is incorrect, ARIN can
>    investigate (send an e-mail and/or make a phone call).
> 2. If the investigation reveals that it is incorrect, ARIN can put a
>    flag on the record in WHOIS.

I believe that ARIN does do this. Unfortunately, their automated response
system does not appear to recognise requests for contact information yet.

> 3. The next time the organisation contacts ARIN (for more
> space, annual
>    renewal, or whatever), then they have to fix the contact data.
> No, this won't fix problems for inactive organisations, but
> you probably
> won't be getting too much spam from them, right?  :)

Probably correct.

> If we're worried about extra workload for ARIN, then we can
> use varying
> degrees of automation for step #1.

Should not be any real problem, I would have thought. It only requires
someone with some reasonable degree of Perl scripting knowledge for a day or
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