[ppml] RIR's should have power to suspend Member's registration in specified circumstances

jlewis at lewis.org jlewis at lewis.org
Sat Oct 26 22:35:12 EDT 2002

On Sun, 27 Oct 2002, Shane Kerr wrote:

> Presumably whatever action is taken against a member who stops paying
> dues could be taken against against someone who fails to keep their
> contact information up-to-date or deliberately uses incorrect
> information.

What do they do if you stop paying?  Reclaim your space?  Ask your peers
to stop accepting your route advertisements?  Deny future allocations
until your balance is paid current?

IIRC, up-to-date swips are not required by ARIN.  Even an open rwhois 
isn't required AFAIK.  The minimum requirement IIRC is rwhois data 
available to ARIN.  Sure it'd be nice if everyone swipped everything and 
kept the data up to date, but I don't think there's anything ARIN can do 
to force that to happen.  If your swips are out of date, about the best I 
think ARIN can do is require you to clean up the mess before receiving 
your next allocation.

> 1. If someone reports contact information is incorrect, ARIN can
>    investigate (send an e-mail and/or make a phone call).
> 2. If the investigation reveals that it is incorrect, ARIN can put a
>    flag on the record in WHOIS.
> 3. The next time the organisation contacts ARIN (for more space, annual
>    renewal, or whatever), then they have to fix the contact data.

And everyone can pay more for their space since this is going to require 
more work on ARIN's end.

> If we're worried about extra workload for ARIN, then we can use varying
> degrees of automation for step #1.

Someone would still have to program the automation.

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