[ppml] RIR's should have power to suspend Member's registration in specified circumstances

Shane Kerr shane at time-travellers.org
Sat Oct 26 20:04:02 EDT 2002

On 2002-10-25 14:21:52 -0600, John M. Brown wrote:
> what exactly would this solve?
> there data is removed from the whois ??
> The RIR's have no control over routing tables, and we don't
> want them to.

Presumably whatever action is taken against a member who stops paying
dues could be taken against against someone who fails to keep their
contact information up-to-date or deliberately uses incorrect

In any case, I think it best to avoid confusing the issue of accurate
contact information with IP conservation.

The question is rather I think whether an organization who has been
allocated a resource for use on the Internet has a responsibility to
be reached in some way.  If the answer is "no", then we should take down
the WHOIS servers, and save ourselves a lot of money and resources
required to maintain that service.

If the answer is "yes", we do want contact information, then what is the
point of having it if it is not correct?

Perhaps we could take a more gentle approach and do something like:

1. If someone reports contact information is incorrect, ARIN can
   investigate (send an e-mail and/or make a phone call).
2. If the investigation reveals that it is incorrect, ARIN can put a
   flag on the record in WHOIS.
3. The next time the organisation contacts ARIN (for more space, annual
   renewal, or whatever), then they have to fix the contact data.

No, this won't fix problems for inactive organisations, but you probably
won't be getting too much spam from them, right?  :)

If we're worried about extra workload for ARIN, then we can use varying
degrees of automation for step #1.

Speaking only for myself

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