[ppml] RIR's to leave IANA / ICANN

Shane Kerr shane at time-travellers.org
Wed Oct 9 07:47:26 EDT 2002

[ Speaking only for myself, just quoting information from public 
  forums. ]

On 2002-10-09 07:02:09 -0400, John Curran wrote:
> While I've seen lots of discussion on evolving the RIR/IANA/ICANN
> relationship per the above lines, I'm not aware of any document
> submitted by the ARIN or the RIR's which proposes leaving ICANN...

At the most recent RIPE meeting, the statement was made that if you read
the RIR message to the ICANN the right way it was a declaration of
independence for the RIR's:  


    "The RIRs would like to construct upon this foundation of effective
    operating practice to assume greater levels of responsibility for
    operational roles that are currently shared between the RIRs and
    ICANN. This is intended to allow ICANN to function properly as an
    independent body with the power of review, such that ICANN can
    properly assume a responsibility for oversight of the RIR activities
    in terms of ensuring that the RIRs operate within their adopted
    policies and processes, without being compromised in its
    independence by also assuming a level of direct responsibility in
    the operation of the address management process."

I don't know if you would consider "ICANN to function" ... "as an
independent body" to be "leaving ICANN", but it is not inconceivable.

At that time of the RIPE meeting, almost 3 months after this message,
the ICANN had made no reply to the RIR's about it.  They have since.

I'm not sure whether it was Ray, Paul, or Axel that signed extremely
large so Stuart could see the name though(*).


(*) http://www.snopes2.com/history/american/hancock.htm

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