[ppml] RIR's to leave IANA / ICANN

John Curran jcurran at istaff.org
Wed Oct 9 07:02:09 EDT 2002

Hmm.  The subject of this thread begs commentary...

To pick up on what Randy Bush said, lots of folks are trying to 
figure out how to coordinate their non-dnso IANA activities away 
from ICANN dnso-inspired politics. This is quite understandable 
given ICANN's history to date.  There may be a difference between
what the RIR's and the IETF are trying to do in this area, but I'm
not close enough to the IETF discussions to know if this is the case.

I'll note that extracting the operational and coordination matters
of the IANA is not the same thing as "breaking away" from ICANN. In 
particular, some degree of icann oversight of the RIR's performance 
against their policy formation process is seen as desirable by many 
folks in the community as reassurance of fair and open RIR behavior. 

While I've seen lots of discussion on evolving the RIR/IANA/ICANN
relationship per the above lines, I'm not aware of any document
submitted by the ARIN or the RIR's which proposes leaving ICANN...


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