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Newton, Justin JNewton at corp.untd.com
Tue Oct 8 12:58:37 EDT 2002

You could do that.  In this case you are still restricted to outages caused
by your routing provider.  I.e. if the aggregator goes down, you are off the
network.  This technique would isolate you from physical level problems, but
would not help you with logic or code problems in the routing
infrastructure.  You would also then, instead of being tied to an ISP, be
tied to an aggregator, which gets us right back where we started.

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On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, Shane Kerr wrote:

> Anyway, if I understand your proposal then this solves various kinds of
> single points of failure, but still leaves end users relying on a single
> ISP for service.

  Actually, what I was thinking is that a customer could have conventional
attachments with multiple ISP's (at single or multiple locations), each
with a tunnel to one of the aggrigation points (poosibly different
aggrigation points), and run BGP with private ASN's within the cloud of
the tunneled environment. This would not only provide true redundancy, but
would make transitioning to a new ISP for one, or more, of the connections
trivial--simply re-establish the tunnel. (Must be something I'm missing 

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