[ppml] RIR's to leave IANA / ICANN

Alec H. Peterson ahp at hilander.com
Mon Oct 7 23:44:08 EDT 2002

--On Monday, October 7, 2002 20:54 -0600 "John M. Brown" <john at chagres.net> 

> The ARIN AC, is charged with interfacing with the members and helping
> to advise the Board on policy related matters.  Some on the ARIN BOT
> believe the AC should only focus on "Crisp Allocation Matters", yet the
> Bylaws do no limit the AC in this manner.

You make it sound like only members of the board think this.  At least one 
AC member (yours truly) feels that the AC should only focus on IP 
allocation issues.  For what it's worth I'm also a member of ARIN.

The AC and the board have very different responsibilities.  I personally do 
not think it is wise to have the AC butt its way into things that the board 
is responsible for.  Also, it is worth pointing out that the ARIN Board of 
Trustees is not some elite group of insiders.  It is a group of community 
members that is directly elected by the ARIN membership.  I personally feel 
that the board is equally as impartial to the ICANN discussion as the AC 
would be.  I also feel (personally) that perpetuating the idea that the 
board is automatically not acting in the best interest of the membership is 
a disservice.

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