[ppml] RE: With additional comments on global policy RE: Encouraging return of legacy space

Mury mury at goldengate.net
Fri Oct 4 18:18:03 EDT 2002

> I know, from having been a presenter at an ARIN meeting (although I
> don't have any official role with ARIN), that the comments from this
> list are definitely taken into consideration in policy creation and
> ratification.  I was specifically asked to summarize issues raised on
> this list on the issue I presented.

That is helpful to know.  Thank you.

> The way the ARIN policy creation process works is that the Advisory
> Council (AC) and Board of Directors (BOD) go to a great deal of effort
> to collect the general consensus of those who post to these lists, and
> those who attend the meetings.  They then use that feedback to decide
> whether to proceed with a particular policy.  After recommending a
> policy for ratification, they post to these lists again, and depending
> on the feedback, they may ratify or reject the policy.  What I've just
> stated is a summary, with my own views from my direct experience.  The
> official policy creation process is at:
> http://www.arin.net/policy/ipep.html
> Believe me, your input is valued and heard!

Very useful info.  I have a question though.  The wording in the first
three paragraphs under "Process" seem to imply that any individual can
draft a Proposed Policy, and that everyone of those Proposed Policies will
be posted on the web site and on the mailing list for discussion.  Is that
true?  Or, could and does ARIN withhold from posting some Proposed
Policies?  If so, is there a criteria for doing so?

I mention that because, while it probably hasn't happened, someone could
write up a very ridiculous Proposed Policy that isn't worth anyone's time.  
On the flip-side someone could spend quite a bit of time writing up a very
legitimate Proposed Policy that may not be posted for political reasons.

> > Thank you for being involved!  Please continue!
> > 
> > John Brown
> I'll second that -- thank you for being involved!

Thank you for your time in helping me understand.


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