[ppml] Why should ARIN have to be dictated first by ICANN?

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Fri Oct 4 10:07:12 EDT 2002

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> Hi,
> > > As a tiny ISP (we have a /22 from our upstream), at YOUR recoking, we
> > > would now need to start paying ARIN $10,240 per year and ICANN another
> > > $10,240 per year.
> >
> > Your upstream would pay. If your upstream is AT&T (for example) they do
> > not pay ARIN anything.
> OK so that takes care of that, whew, I am so relieved!  Thank you Jim!
> Naturally, there is no reason why our upstream to pass these sudden new
> fees down to us, after all "it's the cost of doing business" to them
> right?  And they would be delighted to just absorb those new fees. So we
> would have nothing to worry about!  I can sleep easy now.  And here I was
> thinking all of a sudden I would be facing a $20k per year additional fee
> from my upstream.  Man am I glad I talked to you.
> best regards
> Mike Salim.

You can always just request a /8 directly from ICANN, there are plenty left.
Then, you can lease space to other people, just like ARIN does.

By the way, note that HP now has two /8s with the COMPAQ/DEC deal.
015/8           Hewlett-Packard Company                 Jul 94
016/8           Digital Equipment Corporation           Nov 94

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