[ppml] Why should ARIN have to be dictated first by ICANN?

A. M. Salim msalim at localweb.com
Fri Oct 4 09:50:39 EDT 2002


> > As a tiny ISP (we have a /22 from our upstream), at YOUR recoking, we
> > would now need to start paying ARIN $10,240 per year and ICANN another
> > $10,240 per year.
> Your upstream would pay. If your upstream is AT&T (for example) they do
> not pay ARIN anything.

OK so that takes care of that, whew, I am so relieved!  Thank you Jim!
Naturally, there is no reason why our upstream to pass these sudden new
fees down to us, after all "it's the cost of doing business" to them
right?  And they would be delighted to just absorb those new fees. So we
would have nothing to worry about!  I can sleep easy now.  And here I was
thinking all of a sudden I would be facing a $20k per year additional fee
from my upstream.  Man am I glad I talked to you.

best regards
Mike Salim.

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