[ppml] "...ARIN members would be better off deploying testbed IPv6 networks..."

Jim Fleming JimFleming at ameritech.net
Fri Oct 4 06:35:35 EDT 2002

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From: <Michael.Dillon at radianz.com>
> ARIN members would be better off deploying testbed IPv6 networks and 
> connecting these with other company's testbed IPv6 networks in order to 
> gain experience with IPv6. When the address shortage does become 
> significant enough to push customers towards IPv6, it is likely to quickly 
> become a tidal wave migration.

Is that so that "ARIN members" can pay $25,000 per year for a block of IPv6 addresses ?

Why would people pay for address space, when it is free ?

128-bit DNS AAAA Record Flag Day Formats
2002:[IPv4]:[SDLL.OFFF.FFFF.TTTT]:[64-bit IPv8 or IPv16 Persistent Address]
[YMDD]:[IPv4]:[SDLL.OFFF.FFFF.TTTT]:[64-bit IPv8 or IPv16 Persistent Address]
1-bit to set the Reserved/Spare ("SNOOPY") bit in Fragment Offset [S]
1-bit to set the Don't Fragment (DF) bit [D]
2-bits to select 1 of 4 common TTL values (255, 128, 32, 8) [LL]
1-bit for Options Control [O]
7-bits to set the Identification Field(dst) [FFFFFFF]
4-bits to set the TOS(dst) Field [TTTT]
Default SDLL.OFFF.FFFF.TTTT = 0000.0000.0000.0000

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