[ppml] "north america is going to be ipv6 backwards"

Jim Fleming JimFleming at ameritech.net
Thu Oct 3 14:01:05 EDT 2002

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From: "Joe Baptista" <baptista at dot-god.com>
"north america is going to be ipv6 backwards"

It seems that the more global issue is bandwidth.

North America is bandwidth rich. Fat fibers run everywhere.
Services are rapidly developing assuming broadband to the home
and to each room in the homes. Those services will not scale to
the rest of the world, because they have no bandwidth. It does not
matter how much address space they have, how big their routers are,
if packets can not move from A to B...fast, efficiently and reliably, it
does not matter. There is no service. Most of the world will be cut
off as North America rolls out the Next Generation Internet. You
can not stop people from doing that, and the rest of the world will
be left to be spectators. There are no easy solutions, one can not
dig a tunnel thru the center of the Earth to make the distances shorter.
There are laws of physics that come into play. Pushing 320-bits down
a wire takes longer than pushing 160-bits down the same wire. What
goes in those 160-bits will matter to more people than the 320-bits,
even the .GOD people. It only takes 11 bits to encode 7:186. That is
22 bits in each direction. Those bits do not come from ARIN.

Jim Fleming
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