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> Seems to me that ultimately the issue of IPv4 address reclamation falls out
> like this....
> Question 1..... Is IPv6 really a viable protocol for widespread Internet
> application?  If yes, then...
> Question 2..... Is the (relatively) contiguous blocks of unallocated IPv4
> space sufficient to last until there is widespread adoption of IPv6?  If
> yes, then.... Do not worry about reclamation at all.
> If the answer to Question 1 or Question 2 is NO, then.... begin an
> aggressive process of voluntary reclamation, immediately (soon).  Making a
> case for why it is in the best interests of the 'public' for such return
> provides the basis for litigation (involuntary reclamation) in the future if
> need be.
> Oh, BTW, if IPv6 is not a viable protocol for widespread Internet
> application, then an aggressive process of IPv4 modification or replacement
> ought to be underway.
> Bill Darte

The protocol does not matter....128-bit DNS is a given...32-bit DNS is too small...64-bit is not interesting...

IPv6 is a protocol looking for a solution....it has numerous, show-stopper problems....
1. The IPv6 Privacy Problem
2. 320-bit Bloated Headers and Chained Headers that are Slow to transport and Process...
3. Numerous transition plans which fragment the net people, services, etc. It is not evolution, it is revolution.
4. Removal of Fragmentation from the basic Header
5. Incorrect Ordering of the Routing Header which is needed BEFORE not AFTER the main header.

The list goes on an on...IPv6 is a camel....a horse designed by committee...and it is a two-headed camel at that...

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