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> Can someone solve this mystery:
> If an organization is getting connections from two or more ISPs
> (Multihomed), the organization will receive am ASN and a /24 IP address
> from one of its ISPs, then, that organization and its ISPs will announce
> that /24 to the Internet.
> This will add an entry to the global routing table in the same way as if
> that organization received and announced its /24 IP space from ARIN.
> In the above situation (multihomed network), ARIN's argument of not
> assigning /24 for the reason of an increase in the global routing table
> does not make sense. Whether that organization received its /24 from one
> of its ISPs or from ARIN, in both cases the /24 will be announced and
> added to the global routing table.
> What is the excuse of ARIN not assigning /24 to multihomed networks?

That's an easy one.

If the customer decides to announce the /24, there is still a shorter 
aggregate that one of the providers is announcing.  A provider can then 
filter based on ARIN's allocation policy (/20 minimum) and still reach the 


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