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MessageJust on a side note.. ISPs do not 'have' to honor their BGP advertisements for that space either..
They could just program their routers to dishonor BGP advertisements of certain /8s with a certain ASN..
Anyone else having part of that that /8 they'll honor..

Forced reclamation.. on a global scale. Mwahahahahahahaha.... :-)

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  Restraint of trade
  Interference with Interstate Commerce

  The original alloc (pre-arin) documents ( ie contract) say nothing about having to 
  return it, or having to abide by a new contract at a later date as part of the terms.

  If you purchase a car on a fixed payment plan and 18 months into a 36 month loan
  they increase the payment 2x, what would you do ?     If you original loan paperwork
  said nothing about future changes or payment increases, you have them for breach.
  If you loan paperwork did have language about changes and increases, then you 
  would have to pay the new amount.  I've simplified the example by not actually providing
  the language that would be in the contract.

  Otherwords, the original holders of IP allocations don't have a legal requirement to
  return, and neither do the RIR's have a  legal abiltiy to take it back.

  I don't believe ICANN owns the space.  The IANA is charged with management
  of the space on a global basis.  
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    Correct me if I am wrong, but what legal leg does any ip space holder have to stand on?
    Sure anybody can sue anybody for any reason.

    IP addresses are allocated, not owned.  ICANN owns the numbers, don`t they?  ARIN has
    been granted the rights to allocate/unallocate the space as they see fit (in the best interest
    of the global internet of course).  Right?

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      Correct.   "Forced Revocation" of pre ARIN space would cause some interesting 
      legal issues, and thus cost ARIN substantial amounts of money in legal fees.

      I personally would rather see ARIN spending money on things that build, instead
      of defending or breaking things.
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