Encouraging return of legacy space WAS Re: [ppml] ARIN Policy Proposal 2002-9 (fwd)

A. M. Salim msalim at localweb.com
Wed Oct 2 17:12:21 EDT 2002


> ... [XYZ] (/8) isn't doing all _that_ well, and could use some good
> publicity ...

If a company returns large chunks of IP space voluntarily, it could be
good publicity or bad publicity.  What if it were spun like this: "we are
shrinking, our customer base is depleting so we don't need so many IP's
any more".  How is that good publicity?

Nope, I just don't see big well known companies giving up IP space
voluntarily for publicity.  They might be much more inclined to be seen to
be forced to give it up in accordance with such and such regulation which
everyone else is also going along with, because that would prevent any one
company being singled out and getting negative spins like the one above.

best regards

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