Encouraging return of legacy space WAS Re: [ppml] ARIN Policy Proposal 2002-9

David Conrad david.conrad at nominum.com
Wed Oct 2 15:46:17 EDT 2002

I think you'd be surprised.  Two data points: Stanford University returned a
/8.  BBN returned a couple of /8s I believe.

The last time an effort was undertaken to encourage people to return address
space, it was fairly successful.


On 10/2/02 12:24 PM, "Trevor Paquette" <Trevor.Paquette at TeraGo.ca> wrote:

> Actually.. I would be willing to bet just about any amount of money that
> no-one would 'voluntarily' return unused IP space. If a company has it.. they
> are going to keep it. Period. I challenge someone to prove otherwise..
> Chapter 11, etc. does not count; these are companies who are doing well. Try
> to encourage them to return their unused IP space..
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>> Speaking of which, I've seen this encouraging language come
>> up a lot over
>> the last couple years.
>> It seems to me that "encouraging" takes more than talking
>> about it on some
>> mailling list.  What has ARIN done to encourage the return of IP
>> space?  It seems to me that it wouldn't hurt to pay someone
>> to make some
>> phone calls again.
>> In fact, it seems that Jim wants a piece of the ARIN money
>> pot, so maybe
>> ARIN could contract with him to "encourage" the return of
>> that wasted IP
>> space... half joking.
>> ARIN should draft a policy or something similiar that addresses this
>> wasted IP space.  It probably shouldn't be a policy because
>> you don't want
>> unenforable policies, but there should be something.  And then there
>> should be a little bit of money set aside to contact these
>> space holders.
>> Mury
>> On Wed, 2 Oct 2002 sigma at smx.pair.com wrote:
>>>> Why not make policy so that the current holders of
>> multiple /8-24s have
>>>> to renumber then (the ones that do not meet the current
>> criteria)?  That
>>>> would certainly yield same additional address space, wouldn`t it?
>>> It's much, much easier to set policy going forward than it
>> is to impose and
>>> enforce policy retroactively.  When you're talking about
>> allocations that
>>> predate ARIN, how exactly is ARIN supposed to take action?
>> ARIN should
>>> focus on the best possible management of the remaining IP
>> space, while
>>> encouraging and requesting that companies with legacy
>> assignments return
>>> them whenever possible.
>>> Kevin

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