[ppml] ARIN Policy Proposal 2002-9 (fwd)

sigma at smx.pair.com sigma at smx.pair.com
Wed Oct 2 14:58:11 EDT 2002

> >It's much, much easier to set policy going forward than it is to impose and
> >enforce policy retroactively.  When you're talking about allocations that
> >predate ARIN, how exactly is ARIN supposed to take action?  ARIN should
> >focus on the best possible management of the remaining IP space, while
> >encouraging and requesting that companies with legacy assignments return
> >them whenever possible.
> So it`s a matter of doing the easy thing instead of the best thing?  It is
> ARINs responsibility to do the right thing, isn`t it?

I'm sorry, "easy" isn't the word I should have used.  "Possible" would be
more fitting.  Or "appropriate", at least.

I'm saying that ARIN may well run into trouble trying to retroactively
apply policies to allocations that predate ARIN's existence.  I'm just
being realistic.


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