[ppml] ARIN Policy Proposal 2002-9 (fwd)

Jeff Urmann Jeff.Urmann at HFA-MN.ORG
Wed Oct 2 14:41:55 EDT 2002

>> Why not make policy so that the current holders of multiple /8-24s have
>> to renumber then (the ones that do not meet the current criteria)?  That
>> would certainly yield same additional address space, wouldn`t it?

>It's much, much easier to set policy going forward than it is to impose and
>enforce policy retroactively.  When you're talking about allocations that
>predate ARIN, how exactly is ARIN supposed to take action?  ARIN should
>focus on the best possible management of the remaining IP space, while
>encouraging and requesting that companies with legacy assignments return
>them whenever possible.

So it`s a matter of doing the easy thing instead of the best thing?  It is
ARINs responsibility to do the right thing, isn`t it?
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