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> On the other hand routing table sizes are a reality.  You can't demand the
> government give you magic healing water from Jupiter when it doesn't
> exist.  *And* even if it did you can't demand that you get some until it
> is largely available.
> It is poor logic to say that ISPs pricing policies and the situation of
> the routing tables are both economics so they should be treated the
> same.  One is relevant and one isn't.

You do not have to demand the government, they will be demanding you.
When BGP is removed from the picture, the routing table issue goes away.
It has always been a non-issue, used by the Registries to spread FUD.

Whitehouse Ready to Release Next Generation Internet Plan

Gore Deserves Internet Credit, Some Say
David J. Farber, a professor of computer science at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the early players in the Internet,
said that along with the importance of his legislative initiatives, Gore popularized the emerging medium worldwide. Gore aligned
himself with high tech long before every lawmaker boasted of his or her personal Web site. He helped popularize the term
"information superhighway," drawing on the symbolism of his father's hand in creating the interstate highway system.

Vinton G. Cerf, a senior vice president at MCI Worldcom and the person most often called "the father of the Internet" for his part
in designing the network's common computer language, said in an e-mail interview yesterday, "I think it is very fair to say that the
Internet would not be where it is in the United States without the strong support given to it and related research areas by the vice
president in his current role and in his earlier role as senator."


Dr. Dave Farber
Bill Manning
Bill Manning


White House Town Hall Meeting
Regarding the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace

To be held at the University of Pennsylvania
October 3, 2002, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Annenberg Center
Zellerbach Theatre
3680 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Howard Schmidt, Vice Chairman, President's Critical Infrastructure
Protection Board

Orson Swindle, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

David J. Farber, Alfred Fitler Moore Professor of Telecommunication Systems,
University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Among the globally recognized experts who will be speaking at the conference are:

Commissioner Orson Swindle of the US Federal Trade Commission;

U.S. Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
Howard Schmidt, Vice Chair, President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board
The Vice Chair of the Board responsible for preparing the US Strategy for Securing Cyberspace, which was made public on Wednesday,
September 18, 2002

"This ought to play well with any company whose stock price is dependent on a well-functioning Internet."

@05:19pm 07/06/99-0400, vinton g. cerf wrote:
>I have talked with John Sidgmore.  We will try to get $500K
>at least "backup" in case nothing else in the way of
>fundraising works.  Mike Nelson, I have copied John Patrick and
>Irving Wladawsky-Berger on this message, as well as John Sidgmore.
>If IBM and MCI Worldcom can come up with $1M in "bridge" funding,
>to be paid back at a later time under reasonable terms that will
>not harm ICANN, then perhaps we can begin a new fundraising campaign
>knowing that we have the ability to back up the campaign with a
>rescue effort in the short term.  It will be easier for John Sidgmore
>to make the case to the MCI Worldcom management if IBM is willing to go
>into this with us and split the $1M cost.  Is it possible?
>I would then launch a campaign with GIP, ITAA, Internet Society,
>and other interested groups on the basis that ICANN must succeed
>or Internet will be in jeopardy.  This ought to play well with any
>company whose stock price is dependent on a well-functioning Internet.

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