[ppml] ARIN Policy Proposal 2002-9

Mury mury at goldengate.net
Wed Oct 2 13:25:04 EDT 2002

> >Who will pay for the 6100 ISP's in North America to "just upgrade"
> >their routers???  Not even talking about the large providers.
> So you are saying that it *is* about economics.  A previous message
> from an ARIN member indicated that economics was not their concern.
> Perhaps I misinterpreted the comment.

You are probably referring to Alec's comment stating that it should not be
about ISP's pricing policies.  That is different than the reality of
existing infrastructure.  I also highly doubt that there is available
equipment that could handle routing tables that large at any price.

The pricing policies of ISPs is purely based on supply and demand.  There
are enough ISPs out there where the market is dictating a fair price,
which for the last years has been too low.  Look at all the ISPs going out
of business as proof.  When the number of ISPs stabalize the pricing for
Internet services will fall close to where they should be.  If they rise
too high we will see a influx of new opportunists to drive the price back

On the other hand routing table sizes are a reality.  You can't demand the
government give you magic healing water from Jupiter when it doesn't
exist.  *And* even if it did you can't demand that you get some until it
is largely available.

It is poor logic to say that ISPs pricing policies and the situation of
the routing tables are both economics so they should be treated the
same.  One is relevant and one isn't.


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