[ppml] ARIN Policy Proposal 2002-9

Trevor Paquette Trevor.Paquette at TeraGo.ca
Tue Oct 1 20:22:48 EDT 2002

>.. <whine whine whine ..>
>.. <many people whining that their ISP charges them for IP space..>
>.. <whine whine whine.. not fair..>
>.. <whine whine whine.. they get it for nothing! Why should I have >
>.. < to pay for it >

Um.. do you pay for your water? Yes? Thought so. And who does the water
company get their water from?? NO-ONE! It's FREE!!! Then why do they
charge for it!!!

Because they have to pay for the support infrastructure to deliver it to you!

ISP must collect revenue for pay for their salaries, benefits, hardware, software, marketing, upstream costs, peering costs, billing systems, financial systems, collections systems, web servers, mail servers, web software, mail software, their phone bills, their long distance charges, heating for their offices, leasing for their offices... need I go on???

If they don't charge for it, they might not be around next year.. If they do charge for it, you might not use them as your ISP. ISP are having a tough enough time as it is trying to stay alive.


Welcome to the free market! If I can get someone to pay for something that I got for free; more power to me. If you don't like it.. go somewhere else.

What is the difference between free and $1000.00?

Just because I paid $1000.00 does that make it any better then if I paid $100.00? Or if I paid $1.00?
Or if I got it for free?

The point is this.. we live in a capitalistic society. Fair only counts when we were kids (even then that's debatable). Unfortunately, fair has little to do with pricing policies. The market will dictate the going rate, if no-ones buys.. then the prices go down. This is the law of supply and demand. If you don't like the prices you pay.. go somewhere else.

An ISPs pricing policy should NOT be the issue here. For the record, I work for an ISP and we do NOT charge for IP space, no matter what size the block.

The issue here is if there is a viable reason for allocating a /24 to an entity. Past history shows that this was the case, but for some reason it was changed to a /20. This motion had to be brought to the ARIN members before. So why was it changed from a /24 to a /20??

** Before any policy is brought to a vote to the ARIN members, I strongly urge ARIN to dig up the history on this and present it to this list.


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