[ppml] ARIN Policy Proposal 2002-9

Jeff Urmann Jeff.Urmann at HFA-MN.ORG
Tue Oct 1 19:25:45 EDT 2002

On Tuesday, October 01, 2002 5:18 PM John M. Brown (john at chagres.net) wrote:
>Is it fair to ask providers across the globe to carry your

Absolutely.  IP (the internet) has been around for more than
three decades.  It is the responsibility of an internet router
to route ip traffic.  The internet belongs to the world.  If a
provider chooses to not route traffic, then that is their loss.
They will not last long.  It should not be ARIN`s responsibility
to keep only providers happy.  A compromise must be found.

>The prime issue here is about routing table size.  Memory is
>cheap, CPU is even fairly cheap today.  Yet there is a point
>at which it is "costly" to lookup your route.  Even using 
>some of the new Radix methods its still costly in the sense
>of latency and other metrics.

I would like to have a non-routable /24.  Since you think the
prime issue is about routing table size, then maybe ARIN could
set aside address space for non-routable /24s.  Then both of
us would be extremely happy.  How`s that for a compromise?

>There are 33,000 registered business in New Mexico (my home
>state).  We are a small state.  

>If we say that the average state has 15,000 businesses that 
>should have a /24, that would create a routing table around
>750,000 entries.

>That doesn't scale well.  Memory requirements far exceed current
>in production routing equipment.   Further route flap from all
>of these prefix's could cause more BGP traffic than SPAM does. :)

So, we should just leave all of these addresses _reserved_
forever?  Or only available to the fortune100?  All because
routers are slow?  Make /24s available to small businesses and
router vendors will be forced to make it scale well.

>Most small business don't even have 15 hosts, let alone 254 of them.

Which companies did you poll?  My numbers would be significantly
different.  But I do not have facts, so I will not publish them.

>Bottom line is that the RIR's need to operate based on what works
>well for the various users of the space.  Allocating /24's to every
>business that comes along is not in the best interest of the
>global internet.

Obviously I disagree.  Providers will just have to upgrade their
routers.  ;)

So what if we run out of IP addresses.  If I can`t get one because it
is _reserved_, it may as well be non-existent.  Don`t punish me.
Make policy that gives ARIN teeth to go after wasteful corporations
to get unused space back.  All of these addresses are currently in
the routing tables; aren`t they?  Maybe providers should remove
these addresses from their tables.  That should speed things up
a bit???

Jeffery D. Urmann - Jeff.Urmann at HFA-MN.Org
Network Analyst
Hennepin Faculty Associates
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