[ppml] ARIN Policy Proposal 2002-9

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> > 1. $10 to $15 per month per /32 for Retail Customers...Check all the ISPs
> Call me skeptical.
> Can I get a show of hands for how many ISPs out there charge $2,560 - $3,840 
> _PER MONTH_ to allow a customer to use a /24?
> Volume pricing, it's a simple concept.

That would be the revenue from 256 customers, not one customer.

For ICANN and ARIN, why does it matter if you have 1 customer or 256 ?
Isn't the amount of **work** the same for them ?

Assuming one month goes to ARIN ($2,560 - $3,840) what percentage should go to ICANN ?

Note, the U.S. Government has said it wants ICANN to be well-funded. When the U.S. Government
created ARIN, it knew it would be well-funded. Everything was gold-plated from day one.
ICANN will likely need a ranch overlooking the Pacific Ocean with some horses to attract the
people (workes) in that area. How will they fund that ? At the moment, they have to look out over
the harbor where their yachts are maintained. Don't you think they should have another place up
in the hills overlooking Malibu ?

Jim Fleming
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