[ppml] RIR's should have power to suspend Member's registration in specified circumstances

Chris Jones chris at telespan.co.uk
Fri Oct 25 16:08:45 EDT 2002

I make use of the details contained in the RIR registry databases to trace
the source of spam emails. While the majority of members do maintain their
registration details accurately, there are some who do not. In the way of
these things, most of the latter are where some of the most regular spammers
originate. Failure to communicate effectively is probably the worst offence
any organisation or individual can be guilty of. Therefore, I am
recommending, as an aggreived user of these inaccurate RIR records, that
ARIN (and RIPE and APNIC) should be allowed to suspend any registrant who
fails to amend within a specified period of time, their registration
(together with all of their customers/users of course) to ensure consistent

The proposed suspension should last until the member has corrected the
errant details or until such shorter period of time that the RIR allows.
This proposal would have the benefit of persuading these ISP's to police
their customers use of the internet mail system more effectively.
Chris Jones
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web: http://www.telespan.co.uk/

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