[ppml] RIR's to leave IANA / ICANN

John M. Brown john at chagres.net
Mon Oct 7 22:54:45 EDT 2002

In several messages this morning the RIPE region seems to be
thinking that the RIR's should leave the IANA and ICANN processes.

Daniel Karrenberg, writing *personally* stated:

"I personally think the RIRs should *now* 
walk away from ICANN for better or worse. "

ARIN and the other RIR's have posted several letters, based on 
staff and Board positions, that indicate they (the RIR's) are
supporting a departure from the IANA.  Some well placed folks
at IETF and other orgs have commented that it appears to be a 
power grab on the part of the RIR's and that this is ill-advised.

In the ARIN region I have not seen a formal policy proposal from
ARIN on this matter.  Nor, has there been any recent conversation
in the PPML about this subject.

For ARIN to take this kind of action, I believe there would have
to be a formal policy drafted and floated to the membership.

As there currently is no such policy, the next time the members
could decide on "Leaving The IANA", would be at its Sprint 2003 meeting.

The ARIN AC, is charged with interfacing with the members and helping
to advise the Board on policy related matters.  Some on the ARIN BOT
believe the AC should only focus on "Crisp Allocation Matters", yet the 
Bylaws do no limit the AC in this manner.  

As ARIN gets its IP "Allocations" from The IANA, regardless of certain
BOT member views, this is an Allocation policy issue.

Members should think long and hard about the potential down sides to 
having ARIN side with the other RIR's and leave the IANA/ICANN .

What would our world look like should the ITU take over?

What would happen should the FCC start treating IP space in NA
as it does RF frequency spectrum?

For the RIR's to think the only source of damage to their existence is
from the membership, is myopic at best.

Lyman Chapin, ICANN BOD, posted some really good comments on the RIPE
list this morning.

Instead of attacking and trying to knock ICANN down, the RIR's, and in
case ARIN, should be trying to "build a better framework".

Now, I'll agree that ICANN needs to show up and pay attention both at
staff and the BOD levels.  That's easier when the rats aren't heading
down the
anchor chain.......

But this is about BOTTOM UP and COMMUNITY BASED policy development. 

We should be careful that we do not take actions that appear to be
to those we complain about ICANN taking....  

Something about pot calling kettle black.

John Brown
Member of the ARIN AC
Speaking Personally.

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