[ppml] ICANN Reform, letter from Touton to the ASO's

John M. Brown john at chagres.net
Thu Oct 3 14:23:42 EDT 2002

It would good to hear from the ARIN community  about 
these proposed changes.

How could ARIN better work with ICANN?

Or does it make sense for the RIR's to separate or distance
themselves from ICANN?

Will a fractured environment lead to more government involvement?

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Date: 2. oktober 2002 19:15 -0700
From: Louis Touton <touton at icann.org>
To: ASO Council <aso-council at aso.icann.org>
Subject: [aso-council] ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee "Final"
and Recommendations

To the Address Council:

In preparation for the ICANN Shanghai meeting on 28-31 October, the
ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee has issued its "Final"
Implementation Report and Recommendations.  The document is posted at
oct02.htm>. This report is accompanied by a set of proposed new bylaws
that describe the (proposed) steady-state future structure and processes
for ICANN. The report gives a summary of the major features of the
proposed bylaws.

This Report is expected to be the main topic of discussion at the ICANN
meeting in Shanghai in late October.  As explained in the report, the
Evolution and Reform Committee recommends that arrangements for
transition to the reformed ICANN (as determined at the Shanghai meeting)
be considered immediately after the Shanghai meeting.

With regard to the ASO, the Committee's report states:

     ASO. We recommend that the current ASO structure and operations, as
     set forth in the Memorandum of Understanding between ICANN and
     various regional Internet address registries, remain unchanged. We
     believe that it would be appropriate for the Address Council to
     a non-voting liaison designated by the Governmental Advisory
     Committee, but discussions on this topic are still ongoing with the
     RIRs. The RIRs have raised other concerns with, and proposed other
     changes regarding, the role of the ASO, which should be the topic
     continuing discussions.

The ASO provisions of the proposed New Bylaws are in Article VIII, which
is posted at

Although the ASO has been one of the better-operating ICANN bodies to
date, the members of the Evolution and Reform Committee would very much
like to hear and discuss views of members of the Address Council and the
broader address community about any ideas for optimizing the ASO's

Best regards,

Louis Touton

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