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I agree with the Doc.....maybe 10 years ago it would have been possible
to just say no to traffic from networks that ticket you off...but the
internet is too huge now, too commercial with too many AOL users. Email
needs to work...reliably.....just like the U.S.P.S.....not perfect but
close enough. In all honesty, blocking traffic from China or any other
country is not a viable option....so we need to work together to make
our internet a better place.

Stand Up For Free Speech

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On Fri, 29 Nov 2002 23:49:02 -0500 (EST), Brian Wallingford wrote:
>And, my answer is "no one".  If you're unhappy with a given network's 
>policies (or lack thereof), you need not accept traffic from them.
>as much regulation as I'm interested in seeing.

Like most people, I don't run my own mail server, so your suggestion
is useless for most victims.   I talked to my local ISP about 
blocking all mail from Red China but they refused. 

Your approach is resulting in the destruction of e-mail as
a viable communication mechanism.   Is THAT what you are interested
in seeing?

Jeffrey Race

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