[ppml] Policy 2002-5

Dave Diller ddiller at cogentco.com
Wed Nov 20 17:42:27 EST 2002

"Taylor, Stacy" wrote:
> And, if we do move it forward, how do we feel about the rewording?
> Again,
> If an organization, whether a member or non-member, ISP or end-user,
> relinquishes a larger block of portable address space to ARIN, they shall be
> allowed to receive a smaller block, /24 or shorter, in exchange.   The
> organization will not be required to justify their use of the new, smaller
> block.  The organization must return the block to be exchanged within 12
> months.  ARIN staff shall, at their discretion, determine whether the
> smaller replacement block shall be a subnet of the returned block, or a
> block allocated from some different range. 

I'm OK with the above...

> In the case of an organization
> name change for address resource records, ARIN's normal transfer policies
> will apply. 

Is there consensus that enough people will TRY to do an end-run around
transfers to warrant this amendment?  I feel it is superfluous and detracts
from the focus of the policy.  Transer policies are pretty much a 'superset'
and shouldn't need to be pointed to in individual policies that are not
explicitly dealing with transfers.  They are ALWAYS in effect. :-)

> If the exchanged address block was maintained in the ARIN
> database without maintenance fees, the replacement space shall be as well.
> Likewise, if the returned block had associated maintenance fees, then the
> replacement block shall also be subject to maintenance fees.

This is unclear, and clunky.


"If any of the relinquished blocks had associated maintenance fees, then the
new block will be subject to the appropriate fees for that blocksize."

This covers the following conditions:

* Legacy /16 swapped for new /18, no fees charged.

* Legacy /14 and new /17 swapped for new /15, charges _increase_ from Medium to
Large (will this serve as a disincentive, do we want to consider any kind of
amnesty from/limit to upcharges?)

* Non-legacy /15 swapped for /16, charges _decrease_ from Large to Medium.
(decrease in charges certainly can serve as incentive, but how many NON-legacy
swaps will we realistically see?)

I suppose the crux of it is that it isn't clear HOW the specific fees will be
determined. It's clear that if you are paying them NOW you will with the new
block, but I've seen no mention of how to handle classification changes.

-Dave Diller

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