[ppml] Re: Policy Proposal 2002-2: Experimental Internet Reso urce Allocations

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Tue Nov 19 10:55:57 EST 2002

>   o it states that the standards processes bodies other then the
>     itef might be used.  the ietf thinks of itself as _the_
>     standards body at the ip address layer of the stack.  so either
>     there is mis-understanding here, or a better explanation of
>     what you mean is needed.

I'm not sure I understand what you have written here.......... are you
saying that experimentation by entities other than IETF be precluded from
having access to experimental allocations of routable addresses?  I don't
read into 2002-2 anything that suggest that ARIN is endorsing protocol or
process standardization by bodies other than IETF.  They are simply making
address space available for 'open', non-commercial, experimental

>   o 2002-2 limits things to "experimental rfcs."  so, there are
>     corner cases, for example, a standards track rfc could not be
>     allocated experimental space.  this is why the tentative draft
>     <http://psg.com/~randy/draft-ymbk-sparse-v6-allocation-00.html>
>     refers to rfc 2434 section 2 and uses the phrase "ietf
>     consensus process."  to save you a lookup:
> 	IETF Consensus - New values are assigned through the IETF
> 	consensus process. Specifically, new assignments are made
> 	via RFCs approved by the IESG. Typically, the IESG will
> 	seek input on prospective assignments from appropriate
> 	persons (e.g., a relevant Working Group if one exists).

Also, here, I think you are saying that the qualification upon rfc is too
restrictive?  I have no problems with expanding the scope of availability to
include all experimental uses which meet the public transparency
stipulations, no just those expressed in 'experimental' rfcs............
though I'm always interested in being enlightened.

> if would be of help, i could try to get a more formal liaison
> statement from the iab on this.  but my guess is we just have
> not spent the energy communicating with each other very well.
> randy

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