[ppml] Policy Proposal 2002-6 reworded?

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Fri Nov 15 15:43:17 EST 2002

The ARIN BoT has asked the AC to provide crisp and unambiguous policy

While, as I have said, I have sympathy for those with 'extraordinary'
circumstances which might cause them to have trouble meeting the
requirements for renumbering and would thus cause them to petition for more
time from ARIN.

This places and extraordinary burden on ARIN staff as well....

If we MUST put this extension justification language in then I suggest we
MUST provide some representative guidance on what would qualify for
justification.......much as the examples of Internet Infrastructure
associated with the micro allocations policy.....

I urge that we do not incorporate such language, but leave to the
organization the understanding that they need to make extraordinary
preparation for renumbering if they have extraordinary renumbering
circumstances.... and wish to take advantage of this policy.


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I like Alex's sentence, and this wording of the policy.

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On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, Bill Darte wrote:

> Suppose 2002-6 were reworded to reflect the issues raised as such.....
> Proposed rewording....
> If any organization relinquishes a group of portable, non-aggregatable
> address blocks to ARIN, they shall receive a block in exchange.
> blocks will be of sufficient size to contain the space of all returned
> blocks without justification up to /17.  Exchange blocks of greater
> will require justification of address useage per existing ARIN
> for addtional address allocations.  Exchange blocks larger than /20
> renumbered within 12 months; all others must be renumbered within 6
> If ALL returned blocks were maintained by ARIN without maintenance
> exchange block will also be maintained without fee.
> Other alternatives?

 I would modify this to read:

 "Exchange blocks larger than /20 must be renumbered within 12 months;
 others must be renumbered within 6 months unless organization can
 a timeframe extension"


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