[ppml] Last Call for Comment: Policy Proposal 2002-6

Sweeting, John John.Sweeting at teleglobe.com
Fri Nov 15 10:59:17 EST 2002

It may be easier for ARIN to manage a 2 level formatted something like:

Everyone automatically gets 6 months but if they can justify why it will
take longer the time could be extended to no more than 12 months.

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I basically agree that a renumbering timetable is necessary and that is
should try to be compassionate without leading to procrastination...we want
to motivate the return behavior. I also agree that people should be prepared
for the migration by the time they take advantage of the policy.  Perhaps
there is a middle ground that would 'scale'... maybe a maximum of 3 levels.
3 months for aggregates smaller than /22, 6 months for /22-/20 and 12 months
for larger than /20.  Would this be too cumbersome?  What about only 2


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> There is no one on this list who does not understand the pain of
> renumbering.  However, it seems to me that the scope of this 
> policy does not
> encompass the renumbering of large end-sites.  In my RFC2050 /24
> reclamation/Smackdown many endusers complained that it would 
> take them 6
> months to move off my numbers, but when threatened with 
> routing cessation
> they were off in 3 weeks.  People prepared to utilize this 
> policy should
> have the resources already in place to renumber when they 
> make the request.
> An organization turning in three disparate /24s for a /22 
> should not require
> that much time. 
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> On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Taylor, Stacy wrote:
> > I think that 12 months to renumber is overly generous.  
> Organizations
> > willing to request aggregatable space should be ready to 
> renumber before
> > they request it.
> Renumbering a larger network takes some significant time.  Software
> packages tie license keys to IP addresses, software has IP 
> addresses hard
> coded, etc.  Each of these requires project management, 
> finding downtime
> windows, user announcements / user upgrades, etc.  In some 
> environments,
> 12 months is actually a very tight squeeze when you're 
> renumbering, even
> in a fully DHCP-enabled environment for end users.
> Don't underestimate the work required in renumbering for 
> medium and large
> end-sites.  It's not fun, and I have battle scars to prove it.
> /cah
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