[ppml] Last Call for Comment: Policy Proposal 2002-6

Taylor, Stacy Stacy_Taylor at icgcomm.com
Wed Nov 13 19:27:18 EST 2002

This issue also affects the larger CIDR on occasion.  If an abuser was on
one /24, some ISPs will block the CIDR to which it belongs, even if the ISP
has taken care of the spam.  Geoff of Exodus and I spoke of this at length
at the conference.

Presumably, if the block has been returned, the former user is out of
business or on another block and cannot be contacted.  How does it help us
to know who that was?  
Are we forced to use this space in tiny blocks to interrupt the routing?  I
think we can ill afford to blacklist blocks.


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On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, McBurnett, Jim wrote:

> Exactly!
> I got a Class C from my provider and I get at least 500-1000 hits a day to
two of my IP's for DNS services, Which are there anymore and other less
frequent hits to web services ports.

sometimes legacy traffic is automated (no human in charge).  the equipment
or software thinks there's something there and keeps trying.

We have the same issues on some of our IP - old customers who still get

joe baptista

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