[ppml] Last Call for Comment: Policy Proposal 2002-6 (fwd)

Alec H. Peterson ahp at hilander.com
Wed Nov 13 12:06:52 EST 2002

Hi Einar,

Do you have any suggestions on how the policy could be changed to address 
your concerns?


--On Tuesday, November 12, 2002 16:05 -0500 Einar Bohlin <ebohlin at uu.net> 

> Hi,
> RE:  IPs, new for used
> This looks like a blacklisted IP exchange; kind
> of like a dirty needle exchange program.
> Does a legacy B and a /24 get you a /15?  And no fees
> for this? Sign me up, and give me those /24s we gave back to
> ARIN recently (just kidding).
> Used IPs are not as good as fresh ones.  What's
> ARIN going to do with the used ones?  Will
> there be reduced fees for those used IPs?
> (arin-usedIPs.net and arin-half.com are available).
> Keep in mind that when this is properly abused many of
> these requests will have to turn into transfer requests.
> This is to reduce routes? It looks too easily abused, with
> dubious results.
> Regards,
> Einar Bohlin
> IP Team
> UUNET Technologies, Inc.
> Phone: USA 703 886-7362
> email: einar.bohlin at wcom.com
> (VNET Number 806-7362)
> *** Last Call: Policy Proposal 2002-6 ***
> 2002-6: Aggregation Requests
> If an organization, whether a member or non-member, ISP or end-user,
> relinquishes a group of portable, non-aggregatable address blocks to
> ARIN, they shall be allowed to receive a block in exchange, /24 or
> shorter, but no more than the shortest block that could contain all of
> the returned blocks.  Exchanged space shall be returned within 12
> months.  For example, if an organization relinquished three /24s, they
> should be allowed to take either a /24, a /23, or a /22 in exchange. If
> all of the previous address blocks were maintained in the ARIN database
> without maintenance fees, the replacement space shall be as well, but if
> any one of the returned blocks had associated maintenance fees, then the
> replacement block shall also be subject to maintenance fees.
>## END ##

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