[ppml] Re: Policy 2002-5 let's keep it simple?

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Wed Nov 20 14:13:21 EST 2002

>I believe that making a start with an amnesty policy (perhaps 
>is a good first step toward many potentially valuable future objectives 
>Simple to enact, simple to explain, simple to support.... and it achieves
>direct and indirect good.

I'm not going to answer all your other comments here. However, I have no 
objection to an amnesty policy that does NOT involve swapping of address 
blocks. If the amnesty policy improves the registration data then that is 
good. However if it changes the map of allocations then that is bad. A /24 
in 66/8 is not the same as a swamp /24. Even though we do not control ISP 
filters, we know that they exist. Also, there are still people using 
classfull devices who cannot swap a swamp /24 with one from 66/8. If there 
is to be reorganization of swamp space and migration out of swamp space 
then we need to carefully think that out as a separate issue and it needs 
to be tied into some plan for reallocating that space. Until there is a 
coherent plan for this it is too early to worry about legal issues.

So, if there is a program to contact legacy address block users in order 
to update their contact information, then I support it. If we need a 
carrot to encourage them then we should be looking at things like homeland 
security and retaining their usage rights, not block swapping. Homeland 
security suggests that we should limit unidentified use of the network 
because if you cannot identify the organization then you cannot determine 
if they are criminals of terrorists. At the very least we should demand 
that they give us some type of contact information. And nobody has the 
rights to use a portion of the shared global IPv4 address space forever 
without maintaining registration info any more than I have the right to 
the money in my bank account without maintaining registration info. If I 
move and don't tell the bank about my new address, after some period of 
time, they will try to contact me. If they fail to contact me they will 
set aside my money for some period of time as an unclaimed account and 
after that time expires, I will lose the right to spend that money. Why 
should IPv4 usage rights be any different?

--Michael Dillon

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