[ppml] Last Call for Comment: Policy Proposal 2002-6 (fwd)

Einar Bohlin ebohlin at uu.net
Tue Nov 12 16:05:06 EST 2002


RE:  IPs, new for used

This looks like a blacklisted IP exchange; kind
of like a dirty needle exchange program.

Does a legacy B and a /24 get you a /15?  And no fees
for this? Sign me up, and give me those /24s we gave back to
ARIN recently (just kidding).

Used IPs are not as good as fresh ones.  What's
ARIN going to do with the used ones?  Will
there be reduced fees for those used IPs?
(arin-usedIPs.net and arin-half.com are available).

Keep in mind that when this is properly abused many of
these requests will have to turn into transfer requests.

This is to reduce routes? It looks too easily abused, with
dubious results.


Einar Bohlin
IP Team
UUNET Technologies, Inc.
Phone: USA 703 886-7362
email: einar.bohlin at wcom.com
(VNET Number 806-7362)

*** Last Call: Policy Proposal 2002-6 *** 

2002-6: Aggregation Requests 

If an organization, whether a member or non-member, ISP or end-user,
relinquishes a group of portable, non-aggregatable address blocks to
ARIN, they shall be allowed to receive a block in exchange, /24 or
shorter, but no more than the shortest block that could contain all of
the returned blocks.  Exchanged space shall be returned within 12
months.  For example, if an organization relinquished three /24s, they
should be allowed to take either a /24, a /23, or a /22 in exchange. If
all of the previous address blocks were maintained in the ARIN database
without maintenance fees, the replacement space shall be as well, but if
any one of the returned blocks had associated maintenance fees, then the
replacement block shall also be subject to maintenance fees.

## END ##

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