ARIN Releases New Website

Jason Hunt leth at
Wed Mar 27 13:42:31 EST 2002

On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Randy Bush wrote:

> i appreciate arin spending a little effort to make my life as a
> member, user, customer, vic^h^h^h easier and more pleasant.  my
> issue is the list of "Supported Browswrs."  imiho, the site should
> actually be and declare itself to be http standards compliant, a
> la <>.  it might be appropriate
> to additionally list those browsers with which it has been tested.
> but the key point is standards compliance.

The page *does* render properly on Galeon (Mozilla/Netscape 6 based)

It is interesting to note that by running through the W3C's
HTML validator ( it comes up with numerous
problems.  The first one was no DTD or DOCTYPE being specified.  The rest
are commenting problems, missing ALT tags, and invalid attributes.

Also it appears the website was created in fireworks/dreamwaver.  I wonder
how much that costs.  Why not use vi or notepad or the like?

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