ARIN Releases New Website

Mury mury at
Wed Mar 27 13:36:33 EST 2002

I should know better than to say anything, but being the idiot I sometimes
am, here goes...

How often is someone needing ARIN services that pays for bandwidth on a K
to K basis going to go to the ARIN website and blow their bandwidth
budget?  If loading the ARIN page wrecks somebody's bottom line, let me
know where to send donations.  I just don't see that being any issue at

As far as not supporting all the different browsers and not working well
with lynx and other non gui tools... I still use pine, mutt, vi, pico,
etc.  I prefer to work in the Unix command line world, but the world (the
world I helped create) is moving in a different direction.  I'll break out
IE 6 when I need to and I won't complain about it.  Organizations, even
ARIN, cannot cater to the lowest common denominator.

About the page loading slowly.  The text and the links load first, people
on 200 baud connections don't have to wait for the graphics to load.

I think the new web site is an improvement.   It's certainly better
organized, it looks better (even though not many of us care), and
whatever was spent on the project was probably worth it.

My two cents...


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