ARIN Releases New Website

John M. Brown john at
Wed Mar 27 12:08:31 EST 2002

I would be nice if this site was as easy to use as say RIPE or APNIC's

Support for more diversity in browsers would be good.

As the current site does not work well within LYNX, LINKS or other
non-graphic based browsers.  The heavy use of graphics based buttons
and the like make it more expensive to unusable for those that don't have
high bandwidth, or for those that pay for bandwidth on a usage basis.

I personally don't like the wavy menu bar, it and the header take up
at least 1/3 of a page at 800x600.  It could be easily reduced, still
look good and be more functional in less space.

One must keep in mind that not everyone has broadband, latest video
hardware, etc.  The site should respect those in non-US regions where
bandwidth is more expensive, not as fast, and may not have the most
recent hardware/software or resolutions.

John Brown

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> Subject: ARIN Releases New Website
> ARIN proudly unveils its new website and with it the official
> introduction of our new logo. Changes in the site are the direct result of
> public and member comments collected over the past two years from mailing
> lists, CLEW discussions, and input solicited at Public Policy and Members
> meetings.
> We would like to point out a few of the new and improved features:
> - Navigation is more logical and user-friendly
> - A site wide search engine has been added
> - New Policy and Meeting sections, as well as a Network Abuse page
> - WHOIS search available from every page
> - Announcements now dated and archived
> - Mailing list archives updated
> - About Us section revised
> - Top fixed buttons for: Contact Us, Mailing Lists, Site Map, Statistics,
>   Network Abuse, and Newsletter
> - Menu categories for Registration, Policy, Meetings, Membership, Library,
>   Internet Info, Tools and About Us
> - Expanded and better organized Library page
> - Improved directory structure and file naming convention
> Coming in the future: an ARIN member's page, web-based training and more!
> Stay tuned...
> We look forward to hearing your comments regarding the new site. General
> comments, questions or comments about content, and reports of technical
> difficulties should be sent to webmaster at
> ARIN Member Services

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