ARIN Releases New Website

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Wed Mar 27 11:00:28 EST 2002

On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Mark Fowle wrote:

> I think you missed the concept of constructive criticism.
> The site looks great, with good a menuing system, whois on the front page
> etc.

That's kind of my point.  I agree the site looks very nice other than the
Opera rendering issue.  It's a much more attractive and aesthetically
pleasing site...but it also looks like it cost alot more to produce than
the previous site.  If you're a business trying to make a good first
impression on potential customers, this makes sense.  If you're a
non-profit running a registry for a captive customer/member base, why go
to the expense?  How much time/$ was spent designing and choosing the new
logo?  Why did ARIN need a new logo?

> I haven't tried the site with any version of Opera, yet, but the site says
> it supports Opera 6+, so if there is a problem it should be a minor one that
> is fixed quickly.
> I must add that I have checked the code and it certainly looks compliant.
> Maybe you should upgrade from the Beta version to the release version 6.01.

I've tried the latest public release of Opera for Linux.  It fails to
render the front page.

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