Policy Proposal 2002-1

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Fri Mar 8 12:42:44 EST 2002

> Policy Proposal 2002-1:  Lame Delegations in IN-ADDR.ARPA
> It is proposed that ARIN actively identify lame servers on a regular
> basis and notify the ARIN point of contact (POC) of their findings.  It
> is further proposed that ARIN monitor the status of those identified
> lame servers and remove all delegations that remain lame for a period of
> 30 days.

yes!!!  at last, something to move towards cleaning up bad data and keeping
it clean.  thank you!

> * How should the term "lame" be defined, as it relates to this proposed
> policy?

any of the delegatee servers does not return soa and exactly matching ns
rrset to queries

> o Should lame delegations be identified in WHOIS, or simply removed?

removed.  whois cruisin' humans are not hurt by lamers, systems using
dns are.

> o If they are removed, should ARIN publicly document removals?

it would be nice if the whois noted it, so that folk debugging could

> * How should the POCs of networks with lame servers be contacted by

whois data

> * Should ARIN proactively or reactively conduct monitoring to identify
> lame delegations?



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