proposed revision to the micro-allocation policy

Mark Kosters markk at
Tue Mar 19 22:52:43 EST 2002


The current micro-allocation policy is a bit broken and needs some
help. So, I've edited it some and expanded it to include IPv6 allocations.
I'd like to hear your comments on any improvements to this proposed
policy enhancement.



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ARIN will make micro-allocations to critical infrastructure providers of the 
Internet, including public exchange points, core DNS service providers (e.g.
ICANN-sanctioned root, gTLD, and ccTLD operators) as well as the allocation 
agencies (RIRs and IANA).  These allocations will be no longer than a /24
using ipv4 or a /48 using ipv6. Multiple allocations may be granted in certain

Note that exchange point allocations should not be announced on the public 
Internet whereas the others may be announced on the Internet.  ARIN will 
provide a list of Micro-allocations to apprise ISPs on what blocks are
allocated to aid in their route filter development.

Exchange point operators must provide justification for the allocation, 
including: connection policy, location, other participants (minimum of two), 
ASN, and contact information. ISPs and other organizations receiving these 
micro-allocations will be charged under the ISP fee schedule, while end users 
will be charged under the fee schedule for end users. This policy does not 
preclude exchange point operators from requesting address space under other 

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