[ppml] Wording issues with the 2002-6 Aggregation Requests Proposal???

John M. Brown john at chagres.net
Wed Dec 4 12:20:39 EST 2002

>  I would still like to hear some opinions on what ARIN should 
> do if the 12 months comes and goes and they do not hear back 
> from the trader about the old blocks.
> Dawn

RIR's have no control or authority over the global routing table.
Ergo no way to reclaim those old blocks.

and IMHO, RIR's should NOT have any control over the routing

If after 12 months they still have servers or services running in
those old blocks, to have them removed from the routing table could
create a tort or restraint of trade legal issue that I'm not sure
ARIN is financially able to deal with.

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