[ppml] Returning blocks of IP space

John M. Brown john at chagres.net
Wed Dec 4 12:11:42 EST 2002

> 2. ARIN should publish a directory, updated daily, that identifies all

> unallocated ARIN space at the largest aggregate level. This should be 
> published in a form that would allow ISPs to use the directory (or a 
> mirror of it) to configure their routers to filter these addresses
> the Interner. Presumably this would be published as a BGP feed. 

Strongly disagree with this.

1.  ARIN does not have the technical experience and operational
clue to maintain this list.

2.  ARIN does not have the financial ability to staff such a position
7x24x365, which would be needed incase of a posting error.

3.  This is non-scalable and thus not useful.  I see thousands of 
unallocated prefixes being announced.  The filter sizes would be
large and have a negative impact on router CPU performance.

4.  BGP feed is non-scaleable without expending financial resources
that could be better spent elsewhere.

5.  Mirrors have a tendency to exacerbate the above problems.

6.  Legal tort issues with screwing up the list and knocking someone
off the net for X period of time.

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