[ppml] Open discussion on Policy Proposal 2002-2

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Wed Dec 4 03:38:59 EST 2002

>I do not believe that the proposal says that an experimental RFC MUST be
>published...what it does say is:

I started by saying that the wording should be changed to remove 
references to other standards bodies. If you do that then there is no 
longer a preference for an IETF document because IETF documents become the 
only acceptable ones.  In other words, I'm suggesting that all the vague 
weasel wording about this or that standards body should be removed and 
tightened up. The resulting policy would make it clear that ARIN defers to 
the IETF on matters of standards and on matters of experiments with IP 
that may require special experimental allocations. 

As I said, the intent of this change is to remove the possibility of 
misunderstanding and to remove the need for ARIN to discuss the merits of 
any particular proposal. The process should be that all issues get hashed 
out in the IETF, the experimental RFC goes to the RFC editor who then 
contacts ARIN to get a special allocation to include in the published RFC. 
ARIN's role should be clear, simple and non-political.

--Michael Dillon

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