[ppml] Open discussion on Policy Proposal 2002-2

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I do not believe that the proposal says that an experimental RFC MUST be
published...what it does say is:

"The RIRs have a strong preference for the use of an Experimental RFC
published through the IETF, but will accept other publication mechanisms
where the experiment's objectives and practices are publicly and openly
available free of charges and free of any constraints of disclosure."

Does this change your opinion on the proposal? or just reinforce it?

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>Surely we aren't implying here that the IETF is the only organisation 
>allowed to carry out experiments on the Internet? Where is this 
>Who is enforcing it? Who in the IETF does anyone have to go to before 
>are permitted to experiment on the Internet?

The proposal says that an experimental RFC must be published. The RFC 
process is documented by the IETF http://www.ietf.org so this implies that 
the experiment must go through an open public review process *BEFORE* 
coming to ARIN. It does not say that only the IETF can do experiments 
because that is a ludicrous idea. The IETF is not the sort of organization 
that can do anything other than discuss things, agree on things and 
publish the results of their agreement.

--Michael Dillon

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