[ppml] Policy 2002-5

Jennifer Turner jlturner at gblx.net
Tue Dec 3 14:39:47 EST 2002

Nice - very clear and to the point, Stacy.

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Taylor, Stacy wrote:

> Greetings All,
> To make good on my campaign promise to make our policies comply with the
> standards of the English language, I have altered policy 2002-5.  How do you
> like this?
> If an organization, whether a member or non-member, ISP or end-user,
> relinquishes a larger block of portable address space to ARIN, they shall be
> allowed to receive a smaller block, /24 or shorter, in exchange.   The
> organization will not be required to justify their use of the new, smaller
> block.  The organization must return the block to be exchanged within 12
> months.  ARIN staff shall, at their discretion, determine whether the
> smaller replacement block shall be a subnet of the returned block, or a
> block allocated from some different range.
> If any of the relinquished blocks had associated maintenance fees, then the
> new block will be subject to the appropriate fees for that block size.
> Likewise those without maintenance fees shall remain so.
> I am also interested in continuing the discussion on the relative merits of
> this policy.
> Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
> Stacy

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