Fw: Is ARIN funding Merit and NANOG ?

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Subject: Re: Is ARIN funding Merit and NANOG ?

> What goods and/or services does ARIN pay ICANN for ?
> http://www.arin.net/library/minutes/ARIN_IX/PPM.html
> ICANN: The Case for Reform: | Presentation
> ICANN President and CEO Stuart Lynn outlined the proposal for the evolution and reformation of ICANN.
> General comments:
>   a.. The question was asked how does one differentiate between technical and operational in regard to the ICANN mission. This
> discussion was deferred to the informal feedback session
>   b.. Ray Plzak announced that the RIRs were going to release 50% of the funds being held in escrow for ICANN support
>   c.. In response to a question, it was stated that ARIN's contribution was $242,020
>       April, Benjamin  Global Crossing
>       Apted, Lyric  NTT/Verio / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Arano, Takashi  ASO AC
>       Argiro, Dana  Road Runner
>       Armstrong, Thomas  Cable & Wireless
>       Avila, Linda  Internet Texoma, Inc.
>       Azinger, Marla  Electric Lightwave
>       Bacher, Jan  ShawneeLink Corporation
>       Barger, Dave  SBC Internet Services
>       Benjes, Paul  GlobalCrossing
>       Bennett, Doug  SaskTel
>       Berg, Cyndi  Exodus, a Cable & Wireless Service
>       Binsfield, Kevin  MidAtlantic Colo
>       Blunk, Larry  Merit Network, Inc.
>       Bogan, Wayne  Info Avenue Internet Services, LLC
>       Bradner, Scott  ARIN Board of Trustees
>       Broido, Andre  CAIDA/SDSC/UCSD
>       Brown, John M  Chagres Technologies, Inc / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Cassidy, Jere  EarthLink
>       Chambers, Zach  EarthLink
>       Chan, Connie  APNIC
>       Christell, Todd  SpringNet / City Utilities
>       Claffy, Kimberly  CAIDA/SDSC/UCSD
>       Clark, Robert  Zen Navigation
>       Conley, Tim  Road Runner
>       Conrad, David  ARIN Board of Trustees
>       Crain, John L.  ICANN
>       Curran, John  ARIN Board of Trustees
>       Da Silva, Ron  AOL Time Warner / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Darte, Bill  Washington University in St. Louis / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Decker, Eric  ASO AC
>       Desterdick, Mark  Verizon
>       Devane, James  Mpower Communications
>       Diller, Dave  Cogent Communications
>       Dudek, Aaron  Sprint
>       Dul, Andrew  Internap Network Services
>       Echeberria, Raul  LACNIC
>       Edgar, Gloria  SaskTel
>       Fink, Robert  Energy Sciences Network
>       Fitzgerald, Sam  Info Avenue Internet Services, LLC
>       Forster, Reggie  XO Communications
>       George, Sanford  Los Nettos / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Glaser, Hartmut Richard  LACNIC
>       Hale, Michael  Cox Communications, Inc (Corporate)
>       Harris, Susan  Merit Network
>       Hinman, Tanya  Cable & Wireless
>       Howard, Lee  WorldCom/ARIN Board of Trustees
>       Huberman, David  Individual
>       Ito, Kosuke  IPv6 Promotion Council of Japan
>       Jakominich Jr., Gene  Broadview Networks
>       Johnson, Scott  National Aeronautics and Space Administration
>       Kent, Stephen  BBN Technologies
>       Kessens, David  Nokia
>       Kosters, Mark  VeriSign / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Kulpinski, Jill  Exodus Communications
>       Lamar, Scott  Charter Communications
>       Lamerson, Fran  EDS
>       Langley, Shelly  Qwest Communications
>       Lee, Louis  Equinix, Inc.
>       Leibzon, William  BizNet Communications Inc
>       Lord, Anne  APNIC
>       Lynn, M. Stuart  ICANN
>       Mader, Sabine  RIPE NCC
>       Manning, Bill  ep.net, llc / ARIN Board of Trustees
>       Marcus, Scott  ARIN Board of Trustees
>       Martin, Dawn  WorldCom/UUNet / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Martin, Kevin  pair Networks, Inc / ARIN Advisory Council
>       McCreary, Sean  Packet Clearing House
>       McFadden, Mark  Commercial Internet eXchange
>       McKenzie, Alex  Shaw Communications
>       Mead, Chuck  exodus a cable & wireless service
>       Messano, Oscar  LACNIC
>       Michaelson, George  APNIC
>       Mohsin, Syed  Mpower Communications
>       Moll, Deb  Sprint
>       Molloy, Dennis  Hanson Molloy
>       Narten, Thomas  IBM
>       Paci, Noah  Road Runner
>       Palmer, Judy  SBC Internet Service
>       Paper, David  America Online, Inc.
>       Park, Insik  Infonet Services Corporation
>       Patara, Ricardo  LACNIC
>       Pawlik, Axel  RIPE NCC
>       Peterson, Alec  CenterGate Research Group / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Petrovich, Heather  Roadrunner
>       Poch, David  TELUS Communications
>       Redisch, Jason  Virtela Communications
>       Rendek, Paul  RIPE NCC
>       Roberts, Lea  Stanford University / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Robles, Oscar  NIC.MX
>       Roseman, Barbara  ARIN Advisory Council
>       Rudnick, Micki  EDS
>       Ruth, Greg  Genuity
>       Schiraldi, Mike  VeriSign
>       Soulia, Cindy  Genuity
>       Spears, Angel  EarthLink
>       Sweeting, John  Teleglobe / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Taylor, Stacy  ICG NetAhead, Inc.
>       Thierman, Chris  TELUS Communications
>       Tracy, Kathryn  Pacific Bell Internet
>       Turner, Jennifer  Global Crossing
>       Valdez, German  NIC-Mexico
>       Ward, Avis  EarthLink
>       Webb, Nancy  National Aeronautics and Space Administration
>       Werner, Linda  Satellite Communication System, Inc.
>       Whitmore, Ralph  InterWorld Communications, Inc.
>       Whitmore, Ralph  InterWorld Communications
>       Williams, Matthew  Cox Communications, Inc (Corporate)
>       Wilson, Paul  APNIC
>       Winkler, Robert  APNIC
>       Wittbrodt, CJ  Packet Design (Groovy Networks) / ARIN Advisory Council
>       Woodcock, Bill  Packet Clearing House
>       Yang, Vivian  APNIC
>       Zeibari, Greg  Comcast Cable
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> From: "John Curran" <jcurran at istaff.org>
> Subject: Re: Is ARIN funding Merit and NANOG ?
> Jim,
> ARIN does not fund either NANOG or Merit.  At the ARIN Members Meeting
> in April 2001, the members recommended that the Board of Trustees
> provide funding support to Merit for the operation and maintenance of
> the RADB.  This was deemed consistent with ARIN's charter and would
> benefit not only ARIN members but the Internet as a whole.  The
> back-to-back NANOG and ARIN meetings to be held later this year are
> funded by each organization respectively.  The purpose of doing this is
> to provide an opportunity for more individuals to  participate in the
> public policy process.  You are course welcome to attend either one or
> both of these meetings.
> John Curran
> Chairman
> ARIN Board of Trustees
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> Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 12:24 PM
> Subject: Is ARIN funding Merit and NANOG ?
> > http://www.arin.net/ARIN-X/index.html
> > http://www.arin.net/about_us/ab_org_bot.html
> > "2. Review level of support for outside organizations such as
> > ICANN, ISOC, and Merit."
> > ================================
> > http://www.nanog.org
> > http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/nanog/msg02870.html
> > http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/nanog/msg02860.html
> >
> > Is ARIN funding Merit and NANOG ?
> >
> >
> > Jim Fleming
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> > http://www.ican.org/what's_new!!!.htm
> > http://www.iana.org/assignments/ipv4-address-space
> > http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/130dftmail/unir.txt
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