Policy Proposal 2001-1

dawn martin martind at UU.NET
Thu Sep 27 10:35:04 EDT 2001

I would have to agree here, if it is so much work to get the SWIPs
put into ARIN, then they need better automation (they already know this).
But, how much more work is it going to be for your helpdesk to answer
for all the SPAM that is getting sent on a certain block.

If you don't feel that this is an issue, than why do we SWIP at all?
If your helpdesk has the extra cycles to handle SPAM enquiries, etc. 
than let's just stop SWIPing altogether. I for one, wouldn't mind
if we could SWIP /32's.

-Dawn Martin

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The issue here seems to be to reduce the workload at ARIN regarding the
increasing number of /29 allocations.

I'd like to see all allocations SWIPed; and give ARIN the tools to
automate this task. (This should not be that hard; should it?)

Mant ISPs get calls and email saying 'your server at A.B.C.D' is
being used as a spam relay or is infected with such-and-such virus.
Because this IP is in a /30 subnet assigned to a customer; the ISP
get the email and has to act as relay to inform the customer. If the
/30 subnet was SWIPed the ISP would not need to be involved.

In my opinion subnet allocations are getting smaller, even for busineses.
As IPv4 space begins to run out; more folks will only be allocated a /29
instead of the /28 or /27 that they requested. This will increase the
burdon on the upstream ISP to take calls and emails on systems that they
have no control over.

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